Running Calendar version 5 design

The Australian Running Calendar design version 5* went live yesterday. The main layout is basically the same but the event page listings have undergone a major re-jig to make it easier to see information at a glance.

(* Note although this is "version 5" of the design it's only the second design the Australian version of my running calendar websites has seen; the previous 3 revisions were on the NZ site, before I started this site).

Changes made

  • font size increased, made slightly lighter
  • background colour and defined border added to page outside the content area
  • background colour of date boxes in the calendar listings changed to green (to match the new boxes on the event listing pages)
  • moved the social sharing buttons from the top left (outside the main content area) on all pages to within boxes on selected pages only
  • modified event listing pages to show the region, type of event, dates, distances and useful links in large easy to glance at boxes
  • added additional classifications for events; the full classification list is as follows: on road, off road, track, beach, certified, kids, rogaine, team, relay, mud, obstacle, women only, wheelchair

Event classifications

As noted in the final bullet point above, there are now a bunch of classifications for events. This required a little automation, followed by the manual review of 476 event pages to make sure the classifications (and other basic information) were correct.

These classifications will all be searchable once I overhaul the search function in the next two weeks. For now, "On Road" searches match on road and track, and "Off Road" match off road, beach and mud. All events will be classified at the very least as one of these five types.

When the search is overhauled, it will also include the ability to search multiple regions at once. So, for example, you could search New South Wales and ACT in one search.

Screenshots before and after - homepage


old homepage


new homepage

Screenshots before and after - calendar listing


old calendar listing


new calendar listing

Screenshots before and after - event listing


old event listing


new event listing

Screenshots before and after - event listing in popup


old event listing in popup


new event listing in popup

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Select from the various options below and click the "Search Calendar" button under the form to show events of the most interest to you. Clear form

All options are inclusive except for the kids, women only and wheelchair options. For example, choosing "On Road", "Off Road", "Short", "NSW" and "ACT" will find on and and off road short distance races in NSW and ACT. Adding "Kids" would limit those results to only events which also have a kids event.

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Events with this name or location will be excluded from the search results; this helps for hiding events like parkrun



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