First IAAF 2x2x400m Relay
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First IAAF 2x2x400m Relay

There was a new innovative race at the 2019 IAAF World Relays in Yokohama in May: the 2x2x400m Relay, where each team was made up of one male and one female athlete.

It was up to each individual team to decide if they would run their female athlete first (and therefore finishing with the male), or their male athlete first (finishing with the female). Watch the video of this intriguing race below and see which tactic works best.

The final results were as follows:

1. USA (Ce'Aira Brown & Donavan Brazier) 3:36.92
2. Australia (Catriona Bisset & Joshua Ralph) 3:37.61
3. Japan (Ayano Shiomi & Allon Tatsunami Clay) 3:38.36
4. Poland (Anna Dobek & Patryk Dobek) 3:42.14
5. Belarus (Marina Arzamasova & Aliaksandr Vasileuskiy) 3:51.64
6. Papua New Guinea (Donna Koniel & Daniel Baul) 4:04.73
7. Athlete Refugee Team (Lokonyen Rose Nathike & James Nyang Chiengjiek) 4:08.80
8. Kenya (Collins Kipruto & Eglay Nafuna Nalyanya) Disqualified