Champion Ironman Guy Leech shares his top tips for staying motivated in the middle of winter

Champion Ironman Guy Leech shares his top tips for staying motivated in the middle of winter

Guy Leech - crowned the "fittest man on the planet" - has had a remarkable 30 year career, including multiple Ironman wins and an impressive black book of celebrity clients including Madonna. So how does "Mr Fitness" keep motivated in the middle of winter when the temptation to hit the snooze button or cosy up on the couch is at its highest? Here are his top 5 tips for staying active this winter:

1. Train for an event

"There is nothing like having a short-term goal to work towards to keep you focused and on track with your training. This year I'm proud to captain the Diabetes Australia - Victoria Run Melbourne team as part of my role as Ambassador for Diabetes Australia. I find winter is actually a great time to pound the pavement as the cooler weather means you don't get as hot, tired or dehydrated. In the lead up to the July 27 event I'll be sharing my training tips and advice with all of my team, for all those participating in the varying distances of Run Melbourne."

2. Set a goal

"Not into running? No worries! Find another exercise you enjoy doing, such as swimming, joining a sport team or signing up for some gym classes. It's a good idea to set yourself some short-term goals along the way to keep you on track. When you reach these mini-milestones be sure to reward yourself - just make sure it's a massage or new workout gear - not food!"

3. Visualisation

"If you're a visual person it might help you to stick to your new healthy regime by putting a picture on your fridge of what you want to achieve. This could be a photograph of that swimsuit you want to fit into next summer, or an outfit you're aiming to wear at the next big event. Whatever works for you, make sure it reminds you of the longer-term goal and is a place you'll see it every day."

4. Find a workout buddy

"Hitting the snooze button is a lot harder if there's someone waiting for you at the gym. Training with a friend is not only more fun but it motivates you to stick to your commitment. If you can't find a workout partner join a boot camp or a workout group where you can motivate each other and work towards the same goals."

5. Practise portion control

"If the thought of working out in winter is just too much to bear then make sure you reduce your portion size, and increase the amount of incidental exercise, such as walking home from work or walking to the shops. While the occasional treat is okay it's important to compensate winter comfort foods with some extra exercise. Exercise is actually the easiest way for you to warm up from the inside out so, even though it can seem crazy to go outside in the cold weather, in less than two minutes you'll be feeling toasty and getting some endorphins to bid those winter blues goodbye."

Call for participants of Run Melbourne to raise money for Diabetes Australia

Guy Leech is calling on participants in Run Melbourne (27 July) to choose Diabetes Australia - Victoria as their beneficiary to help fight the State's biggest health challenge.

An estimated 280,000 Victorians are living with diabetes. This year alone, an additional 25,000 Victorians will develop diabetes and thousands more are considered 'at-risk' of developing diabetes. Research demonstrates that healthy eating and regular exercise can delay and even prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes Australia - Victoria is hoping to raise $40,000 in this year's Run Melbourne with the goal of running with a team of 280 people, to represent the 280 Australians diagnosed with diabetes every day, at the July 27 event.

All team members will get a team t-shirt to wear during the race and are invited to join in the post-run celebrations at the Diabetes Australian - Victoria marquee.

To fundraise for Diabetes Australia - Victoria in Run Melbourne 2014, or to donate to the cause, visit or call 038648 1809.

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