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Yumigo! was created by ultra runner Ben Hockings to promote physical activity and the diversity of the South Australian landscape. Yumigo! (you-me-go!) is a pidgin English word used to inspire action to "do something together".

Ben believes the best way to encourage people to exercise is to make the activity inspiring. The decision to run is normally motivated by a "bigger picture" goal. Ben and Yumigo! provide that goal, and can even offer to set a plan to reach that goal.

Current Past
Sunday, January 8th 2017
Sunday, December 11th 2016
Saturday, October 22nd 2016
Saturday, July 9th 2016
Sunday, May 1st 2016
Sunday, March 20th 2016
Sunday, March 6th 2016
Saturday, February 6th 2016
Saturday, January 30th 2016
Sunday, January 10th 2016
Sunday, December 13th 2015
Saturday, October 24th 2015
Saturday, July 11th 2015
Sunday, March 1st 2015
Saturday, February 21st 2015
Sunday, January 11th 2015
Sunday, December 14th 2014
Saturday, October 25th 2014
Saturday, July 12th 2014
Saturday, May 3rd 2014
Sunday, March 2nd 2014
Sunday, February 23rd 2014
Sunday, February 9th 2014
Sunday, December 15th 2013
Saturday, October 19th 2013
Saturday, July 13th 2013
Saturday, October 20th 2012
Saturday, July 14th 2012

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