GeoSnapShot adds photographic value to any event

GeoSnapShot adds photographic value to any event

Add value to your next running event by offering action photographs to each participant - without any financial risk or outlay.

After completing a PB or just going the distance, event participants love to have a photographic memento of their achievement - that's where the GeoSnapShot website is perfect.

The GeoSnapShot platform at helps to match talented, local, amateur photographers with any participation events such as fun runs, triathlons and sporting events. After taking photos at an event, the photographer uploads the photos to the GeoSnapShot website so any participant in the event can purchase them online for just $6 each. Event organisers, participants and even photographers benefit.

In return for the free service, event organisers simply need to notify and publicise the availability of photographs at to all event participants both on the day and in any followup communications - posting to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter as well as official emails and website updates to get the word out.

GeoSnapShot also provides up to 10 shots to the event organiser free of charge for marketing, website and publications needs.

GeoSnapShot has been used at the Manly Warringah Football Club Finals, Sutherland Half Marathon, Running Wild Trail Association and the Sydney Trail Running Series.

To add your event to the GeoSnapShot calendar, go to the GeoSnapShot Calendar, click on the "Book a New Event" button and complete the form. We circulate upcoming events from the calendar to registered photographers regularly.

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