High Profile Athletes to Run for Change in South AfricaTwo women running 2350kms across the Freedom Trail to support young women

High Profile Athletes to Run for Change in South Africa

On September 26th 2014, ultra runners Mimi Anderson and Samantha Gash will begin their 32 day crossing of the unforgiving Freedom Trail in South Africa, to raise $50,000 (R560,000) to establish a social business that will provide menstruation products and education for school girls and women.

Using running as a vehicle for social change, every step of the women's 80km per day journey will leave a trail of awareness, courage, inspiration and support for their project that aims to improve the physical and emotional wellbeing of SA's young women, improve their education, which in turn leads to healthier relationships, families, communities, and ultimately, a healthier and more economical South Africa.

The Project

Gash and Anderson jumped into action after learning that around two thirds of women and girls in SA do not have access to sanitary products, while a third of girls are too ashamed to attend school during menstruation because of the lack of access and social stigmas. Anderson and Gash, whose epic run aims to improve the community through sustainable solutions, have joined forces with the global NGO Save the Children in an effort to raise funds ($50,000/R560,000) to begin addressing this problem in affected communities.

A social enterprise business will be established to employ and train a dozen South African women to manufacture reusable feminine hygiene products which will then be distributed to the community's women and girls at an affordable cost whilst also providing a sustainable income to those involved.

Even though the funds raised only provide sufficient company running costs for a year, it is believed that this project will not only impact on the lives of over 1,500 women and girls, it will become self-sustainable. In addition, by generating awareness, the project aims to contribute to the naturalization of topics such as menstruation, puberty and sexual health in communities, by removing the attached shame and social stigma and thereby impacting on education; health; livelihood and economic growth.

Both Anderson and Gash are experienced ultra-marathon competitors, with numerous titles and affiliations to charitable causes who have once again set out to use their talent and passion to champion social causes.

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100% of the money collected from sales of the bonus materials will go directly to Save The Children.

Samantha Gash is featured in Desert Runners, a feature length documentary which follows a diverse group of non- professional runners as they attempt to complete the 4 Desert Series "Grand Slam" - considered to be the most difficult ultramarathon race series on Earth.

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