Nike+ Run Club brings women only half marathon to SydneyNikeWomen continues to celebrate personal victories through sport

Nike+ Run Club brings women only half marathon to Sydney

Inspired by Nike, the winged goddess of victory, the NikeWomen Victory Tour is the largest women's event series in the world. The 2016 tour kicked off March 13 in Nagoya, Japan, and has already visited Sydney once on March 19 for Nike+ Training Club (NTC) Tour Sydney.

On July 3rd 2016, NWVT returns to Sydney with the Nike+ Run Club (NRC) Women's Half Marathon. The event will bring thousands of female runners out to push themselves to go farther and faster as they run in the shadows of some of Australia's greatest sporting moments, through the parklands and waterways and as they cross the finish line inside of the iconic Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre.

Registration is open at The cost of entry is $50 or $150 with a shoe package - both include a race tank. In the spirit of Nike+ Run Club, runners are encouraged to enter with a team but may enter individually as well.

Starting on April 11th, Nike+ will help runners to achieve their personal half marathon goals with a 12- week training program. The program will use both the Nike+ Running app and NRC live sessions, where runners have access to elite services like professional coaching advice, pacers and shoe trialling.

More than 200,000 women worldwide conquered their first half marathon, 10k or Nike+ Training Club (NTC) challenge as part of the 2015 Nike Women's Event Series.

The 2016 tour runs through September and stops in cities around the world, including Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai and Los Angeles, the site of Joan Benoit Samuelson's milestone victory in 1984, when the women's marathon became an Olympic event.

Each NRC Race, including Sydney, will feature a range of exclusive experiences, from new courses and runner services (such as access to NRC Coaches, bra fitting and product trialing) to athlete interactions and local cultural connections.

To further fuel their journey towards the Nike+ Run Club Women's Half Marathon - and continue it afterwards - athletes everywhere can access the Nike+ Running App, and sign up for a Nike+ Run Club live session at

Registration is open now at

To train with the Nike+ Run Club and Nike+ Training Club live sessions visit

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