Pic2Go social media amplification for your next sports event

Pic2Go social media amplification for your next sports event

Let event participants socially-share their experience through branded photos while you increase brand engagement, social media reach and expand your fan base!

Pic2Go photo marketing software allows event organizers and brands create unprecedented social media amplification by using our unique barcode recognition software which post runners event pictures straight to their Facebook fan book page as a branded image which is then shared with all their friends.

Pic2Go In Action - Sponsor Gillette at the Tel Aviv Marathon 2013

1. Athletes are tagged in event photos using their barcode recognition software.

pic2go tel aviv marathon photo

2. A personal Gillette-branded album is posted to the athlete's Facebook profile.

pic2go tel aviv marathon on facebook

The 2013 Tel Aviv Gillette Marathon took place March 15 and set new records for Pic2Go.

For the first time Pic2Go was operated at a 30K athletes event.

The Pic2Go operation was fully sponsored by marathon sponsor Gillette, for the second year in a row, with the objective of raising awareness for Gillette's deodorant product-line.

The social media reach speaks for itself with over 3 million impressions on Facebook within 24 hours for Gillette branded photos.

The 2013 Tel Aviv Marathon also set new records on the operational front - 30 photographers took 100K photos. All photos were uploaded within only 4 hours! 90% of photos were tagged by Pic2Go platform using barcode identification and published to athletes Facebook profiles.

Find out more

If you would like to use Pic2Go for your next event / sponsorship package, or you would like to find out more about the product please call Peter Thompson on 02 9906 8032 or email him at enquiries@pic2go.com.au

To find out more visit the global website - http://www1.pic2go.com/sports/

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