Run For Your Lives in AustraliaRegistration of Interest for The Original Zombie-Infested Obstacle Run in Australia is now open!

Run For Your Lives in Australia

Run For Your Lives, the one-of-a-kind zombie-themed race event that originated from the United States, is coming to Australia! Brought to you by Action X, the novel sports entertainment provider from Singapore, Run For Your Lives is an exciting obstacle race event for all, with a twist - the race features zombies!

Run For Your Lives was first launched in October 2011 in the United States with over 12,000 participants and spectators. It has since infiltrated into over 20 cities worldwide over the last 3 years. The official Run For Your Lives Australia's Facebook page has also garnered over 50,000 likes and a recent video featured on the page went viral and generated more than 2.5 million views and 110,000 shares. Globally, Run For Your Lives Hong Kong, which took place last October, achieved over 60,000 registration of interest and over 13,000 participants for the event.

The success of Run For Your Lives lies in a fun-filled concept which takes participants through a series of challenging obstacles over the zombie-infested race course. Participants will choose to assume the role of either Survivors or Zombies. As a Survivor, the goal is simple: to get to the Safe Zone with at least one life remaining. The only catch is that there will be several hundreds of Zombies standing in your way. Survivors start off with three lives (flags) strapped around their waists and they will have to make their way past various challenging obstacles all across the race route to reach the Safe Zone. Successfully navigate through the Zombie-laden obstacle course and you'll earn yourself a Survivor's medal.

Zombies, on the other hand, have one job: satisfy your insatiable appetite for humans by grabbing flags off Survivors. In order to become a full-fledged Zombie, one will have to go through an elaborate Zombification process with full Zombie hair and makeup done up so as to ensure that all Zombies look the part.

Run For Your Lives agents have detected extensive zombie infection throughout various cities of Australia and have since launched the registration of interest on the official Run For Your Lives Australia's website. Interested participants can now sign up to express their interest for the event. Based on the city with the highest number of interested registrants, it will be selected as the city of choice to debut the first ever Run For Your Lives event in Australia.

Participants should take note that registration of interest will close on the 12th of December 2014. Your are advised to register your interest along with your city of choice as soon as possible to ensure that you get to experience the original zombie apocalypse in the comfort of your own city.

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