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Safe Lace

Safe Lace is a revolutionary product that will lock your laces in place and stop them from becoming untied once and for all! Once you lock your laces with Safe Lace you can rest assured that they will stay that way.

Whether you're competing in a marathon, obstacle race or walking for fun, running, sliding through mud or jumping hurdles, your laces are the last thing you want to have to worry about but unfortunately it's usually something that interrupts our activities on a daily basis and is not only frustrating but can also be dangerous!

This problem has been tackled and fixed with one simple but extremely effective product - Safe Lace.

Be confident that when you're running or playing sport you won't have to worry about tripping over your untied laces and never again give a competitor the advantage of overtaking you while you stop to do up your laces.

Safe Lace is so versatile it can be used for any shoe style that has laces, for any size shoe from baby's shoes right through to the largest adult foot and everything in between. Safe Lace fixes the problem for everyone.

Wet, muddy, fraying and dirty laces are a thing of the past thanks to Safe Lace. Now your laces will never be dragging loose on the ground again, they will be locked in place, and will stay that way.

Safe Lace comes in 5 colours: black, white, clear, pink and blue with new colours being released soon. Whether you want them to stand out on your shoe and make a statement or blend in and just do its job we have a colour to suit you and your shoe.

You can order online now at and like the Facebook page to keep up to date with all the information on products, new releases and the Christmas Specials coming out soon.

Don't trip... wear Safe Lace.

Safe Lace is giving away two sets of Safe Laces in a competition which will be run on this website starting on Monday November 18th. Keep watching this website for more details.

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