Strzelecki Silver Jubilee Celebration in Jindabyne February 9th 2013

Strzelecki Silver Jubilee Celebration

A celebration of Polish-Australian culture will be held in Jindabyne on 9 February to mark the silver jubilee of the Sir Paul Edmund Strzelecki monument.

To start our celebration we invite anyone who can run - slow or fast for the Strzelecki Fun Run 2013. The 5 km SFR 2013 will start at 2pm in front of Strzelecki monument and everyone is welcome. It is a free event.

Sir Paul Edmund Strzelecki, also known as Count Paul Edmund de Strzelecki, is one of the greatest explorers to have etched their name into Australian history.

The Strzelecki monument was erected in Banjo Paterson Park next to Jindabyne Lake, after a successful campaign by Polish-Australians, for a permanent tribute to honour the great Polish-born explorer. This sculpture was presented by the Polish Government in 1988 coinciding with the Australian bicentenary celebration. This is Strzelecki's biggest and artistically admired bronze statue, a testimonial to Count Paul Edmund de Strzelecki's great achievements and service to Australia. This will be a commemoration not only for the Australian Polish Community but for all Aussies who take pride in the achievements of their national heroes.

Paul Gospodarczyk, President of Strzelecki Heritage Inc, said the monument in Banjo Paterson Park - which depicts the explorer with his hand outstretched towards Mt Kosciuszko - was a tribute to an important figure in both Australian and Polish history.

"Strzelecki is a great example of the ingenuity and courage of Australia's early explorers," Mr Gospodarczyk said.

"A self-taught scientist, he had no formal training but became a renowned expert in geology, mineralogy, meteorology and zoology.

"For Polish-Australians seeing one of their heroes 'on the map' is a source of great pride.

"Strzelecki reminds us all of the diverse backgrounds of the first Europeans that came to Australia and shows us the depth of our multicultural roots.

"We invite the community to join us in marking the 25th anniversary of the Strzelecki monument and help us celebrate both the history and diversity of our nation." Sir Paul Edmund Strzelecki came to Australia in 1839 after 9 years living in England. He spent four years exploring and surveying vast areas of NSW, Victoria and Tasmania, discovering silver and gold fields in NSW and a coal fields in Tasmania.

In 1839 Strzelecki set out on an expedition to the Australian Alps and explored the Snowy Mountains with James Macarthur, James Riley and two Aboriginal guides: Charlie Tarra and Jackey. The following year Strzelecki became the first European to climb Australia's highest mountain peak, which he named after the famous freedom fighter, General Thaddeus Kosciuszko. He was one of the national heroes of Poland and a hero of the American Revolutionary War.

Kosciuszko Festivities 2013 coincide with the 173rd anniversary of naming the highest peak in Australia Mount Kosciuszko.

"Strzelecki died in London on October 6, 1873, and was buried in the Kensal Green Cemetery. He should be remembered not merely as an early discoverer of gold and silver, nor as the explorer who named Mount Kosciusko and produced the first map of Gippsland, but as the man who had a great vision for the future of Australia. He was a man concerned with the Australian environment, ecology and conservation of forests, the man who advocated the plans of vast scale irrigation in New South Wales and Tasmania, who foretold a very bright future of the Australian wool industry, the man who first proposed a vast and detailed geological survey in this country, as early as 1845. Strzelecki also was named 'a pioneer of Australian meteorology'." That is how Lech Paszkowski, author of Strzelecki's biography, described him.

Strzelecki Heritage Inc is a community organisation established in 2009 with a vision to uplift Sir Paul Edmund Strzelecki as a great explorer and reflect on his incredible contribution to the exploration, development and protection of the Australian mainland and Tasmania. The organization is focusing on his heritage and remembering his achievements through organising physically active events and providing opportunity for a personal challenge for those who dare. Historical or academic perspective is inevitably entrenched in our activities. Sir Paul Edmund Strzelecki's great achievements were only possible due to his great personal passion and commitment, the qualities we embrace and encourage through our events.

Striving to achieve the impossible is Strzelecki Heritage Inc's goal and it drives to encourage the youth as well as the young at heart to reach the very top of their potential and live life to the fullest. We have prepared number of activities over this February weekend and if anyone wants to be part of Kosciuszko Festivities please visit our website for more details, which are listed below.

For more information about the Kosciuszko Festivities visit
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