The Hillary, New Zealand's newest ultra trail run

The Hillary

An invitation from Auckland, New Zealand - THE HILLARY is New Zealand's newest ultra trail run (80km, 34km or 16km) on the legendary Hillary Trail, aptly named after Sir Edmund Hillary. Easily accessible, the Hillary Trail is a 75km trail in the Waitakere Ranges, just 30mins west of Auckland.

The three course options - the full ultra 80km from Arataki, 34km from Piha and 16km from Bethells with all finishing at Muriwai - make the run achievable for runners of a range of abilities.

The Trail follows a variety of terrain and scenery - many claim a magical pull of the trail and keep coming back for more. Stunning views throughout the trail, rugged West coast beaches, magnificent native bush including the hundreds of year old native Kauri trees. Past large waterfalls and sand dunes, along cliff tops or through marshlands - there is something for everyone.

The 75km Hillary Trail was opened in 2010 and connects a network of existing tracks in the Waitakere Ranges (west of Auckland City) into a physically demanding 3-4 day tramp. The trail was named in honour of New Zealand's Sir Edmund Hillary and, according to the Auckland Council, it sums up the sense of adventure and personal achievement that Sir Ed himself championed and was renowned for. Hard to disagree with that.

Sir Ed himself said "In some ways I believe I epitomise the average New Zealander: I have modest abilities, I combine these with a good deal of determination, and I rather like to succeed." These typically modest words were spoken by arguably the most famous New Zealander - a sporting and adventure hero, who scaled heights and reached places where no human being had gone before. And hence the pull of the Hillary Trail for so many today: we all want a challenge!

Since its opening, the lure of the trail to runners has become strong with many New Zealand trail runners attempting and successfully completing the trail. As a regular runner of the Hillary Trail, Shaun Collins from Lactic Turkey Events cannot resist the urge to organise an event along the Trail. And so this event was born.

Book your spot in history by taking part in the inaugural event!

Find out more at

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