Trails website gets new design and new exciting featuresDiscover your next Adventure with Trail Hiking Australia

Trails website gets new design and new exciting features

Trail Hiking Australia has launched a newly redesigned website for the outdoor adventurer, providing powerful tools so that anyone looking for trails throughout Australia can filter based on destination, distance, duration, grade or a combination of these categories. arose out of the enthusiasm of a passionate adventurer, Darren Edwards, who is dedicated to the awareness, promotion, growth and long term sustainable survival of the Australian bushwalking and hiking communities. What started as a blog has turned into a serious online resource for the outdoor adventurer. "I wanted to produce information that would allow hikers, bushwalkers and trail runners to easily find a trail and head outdoors with the preparedness and knowledge to return safely." Edwards Said. is a comprehensive, non-commercial, free-to-use online tool that provides the outdoor adventurer with detailed information on over 175 dedicated hiking trails throughout Victoria.

Before the launch of it was challenging to find detailed web-based trail information. Most existing information was either published in print, could be found in various blogs or hidden within clubs with subscription services and membership fees. These resources often listed only a handful of the most popular trails, provided limited information regarding trails and their conditions, provided sketchy mud maps and offered limited planning tips and safety advice.

On each hike includes trail overviews, key features, maps, GPX files and elevation profiles. Additionally, the site includes information relating to hike preparation, hiking gear, field tests, hike safety and navigation. This information will benefit anyone looking for their next adventure.

A truly exciting feature is the ability for the community to search for hiking trails "Near Them". Using this feature will display all trails that commence within a 50km radius of the user's location.

"I am especially proud of the new Near Me feature and the fact that my site hosts GPX files for most trails". Edwards said.This allows the outdoor enthusiast to easily locate trails close by, travel to the trail head and confidently navigate the trail that lies ahead. "Returning safely from every adventure is foremost in my mind and the GPX files provide a valuable safety tool to be used as a backup to map and compass. I have received such a positive response to the GPX feature that I will continue to include files on every trail on the site." Edwards said. is a non-commercial operation that has been developed and funded personally as a hobby by Darren Edwards. The site was launched publicly in 2015 and has quickly grown to be a leading source of trail and hike information in Victoria. With a growing reach into other states and engagement across the globe, is working hard to attracts both domestic and international visitors to Victoria.

Online engagement at is growing rapidly with the past three months attracting in excess of 29,000 users resulting in more than 244,000 page views. The Trail Hiking Australia Facebook page has attracted in excess 1,200 page likes with a weekly reach to approximately 9,000 passionate adventurers.

If you are into hiking, bushwalking, trail running or mountain bike riding then head on over to now. "There really is something for everyone. If you are new to hiking/bushwalking I offer advice on how to prepare yourself for the trail, fall in love with the environment and learn the skills to return safely. If you are more experienced, you will find trails that take you into the remotest areas of the state for a true adventure." Edwards said.

Check it out at

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