CARE Australia Walk in Her Shoes Challenge

CARE Australia Walk in Her Shoes Challenge

From March 16th to 22nd 2015, thousands of Australians will complete the CARE Australia Walk In Her Shoes challenge to reduce the burden of walking faced by women and girls in some of the world's poorest communities.

The Nine Network's Deborah Knight, and former Winter Olympian and now Health and Wellness expert Steph Prem will walk as ambassadors to empower women globally.

Between March 16th and 22nd, participants can walk 25km, 50km, 100km or a "freestyle length" of their choice and fundraise to help provide communities in need with food, water and healthcare.

All money raised will go towards vital CARE projects reducing the need for women and girls to walk long distances for daily necessities, so they can spend more time in school, earning an income, and helping their community overcome poverty.

In 2015 CARE Australia are aiming for 5000 participants to walk 250,000km- roughly 6 times around the globe.


Registrations are open until the last day of the event for a tax deductible donation of between $25-75 at:

Register before March 10th to receive a welcome pack including a pedometer, fundraising tips and information on the Walk In Her Shoes app.

You can register online or for large groups of 20 or more, contact us directly at or call (03) 9009 7130.


For each dollar raised 90 cents is invested directly in projects which provide clean water, food, school and healthcare facilities, which reduces the need for women to walk long distances. The remaining 10 cents covers administration, fundraising and community engagement costs.

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