Weekly Newsletter December 31st 2012

This is a copy of the weekly newsletter from the Australian Running Calendar sent by email on December 31st 2012 covering a 2012 round up and events coming up over the next two weeks.

2012 round up

I launched the Australian Running Calendar in March this year with the goal of creating the most comprehensive list of running events in Australia, modelled after my NZ running website which had already been going for a couple of years.

You can now find more running/walking events on my website than on any other Australian running website. I still have to finish off working my way through club calendars for 2013 to make sure all their events are listed, but almost everything I know of is listed on the website for 2013.

The way I keep the website up to date is by using a lot of automated processes to keep an eye on event websites so I know when information has changed and new dates announced. By doing this, I am usually able to keep my listings as up to date as the source event websites. I don't always catch everything, so always be sure to let me know of any events you know of that I don't have listed.

My goal for 2013 is to be working full time on the running websites by the end of the year, meaning I can spend even more time ensuring the information is as accurate and up to date as possible.

There are a number of improvements I'll be making in 2013 which will make finding events near you easier and better. I look forward to a great 2013!

Website listing updates, new events etc

Check out the the website homepage for a list of recently updated pages and events. There's a brief sentence describing what has been updated, which is usually a new event listing being created, dates for the next year's event added, distance corrections, or links added to the online entry page or PDF entry form.

Events coming up this week

Monday December 31st 2012
- Dawnbusters Fun Run in Geelong, VIC - 5K
- Victorian Road Runners New Years Eve Fun Run in Melbourne, VIC - 8K, 4K
- WAMC New Years Eve Run in Perth, WA - 8K, 4K

Tuesday January 1st 2013
- Beyond The Black Stump in Berowra, NSW - 33K, 16K
- Mt Ainslie Run Up in Canberra, ACT - 2.2K

Wednesday January 2nd 2013
- Cairns Road Runners Time Trial in Cairns, QLD - 10K, 8K, 5K, 3K
- Sydney Summer Series in Sydney, NSW - 45 minute orienteering/rogaine

Saturday January 5th 2013
- Narrabeen All Nighter in Sydney, NSW - 12 Hour Solo/Team
- parkrun throughout Australia - 5K
- Portsea Twilight in Portsea, VIC - 7.75K, 3.75K, 100m Undie Run
- Victorian Road Runners Tan Time Trial in Melbourne, VIC - 8K, 4K

Sunday January 6th 2013
- Bogong to Hotham Rooftop Run in VIC - 64K
- Summit to Sea in Adelaide, SA - 34K, 18.5K, 14K
- Surf T Surf in Warnambool, VIC - 10K, 6K, 3K
- Women's and Girls' Jogalong in Canberra, ACT - 6K, 3K, 1.6K

Events coming up next week

Wednesday January 9th 2013
- Sydney Summer Series in Sydney, NSW - 45 minute orienteering/rogaine

Thursday January 10th 2013
- Victorian Road Runners Twilite Tan Time Trial in Melbourne, VIC - 8K, 4K

Friday January 11th 2013
- GMHBA Lorne Mountain to Surf in Lorne, VIC - 8K

Saturday January 12th 2013
- parkrun throughout Australia - 5K
- Threadbo National Running Week in Threadbo, NSW - 2K

Sunday January 13th 2013
- Cadbury Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K and 1K in Claremont, TAS
- Hares and Hounds Trail Run in Woodford, QLD - 50K Solo or Relay, 10K, 5K
- Perth Trail Series: Stay Puft in Yanchep National Park, WA - 18.7K, 11.9K
- Power Bar Fun Run Series in Victor Harbour, SA - 10K, 5K
- Resolution Run in Brisbane, QLD - 11K, 5.5K
- Sydney Trailrunning Series: Manly Dam in Sydney, NSW - 10.2K
- Threadbo National Running Week in Threadbo, NSW - 6K
- Tim Gates Classic in Fairhaven, VIC - 10K, 5K
- Two Bays Trail Run in Melbourne, VIC - 56K, 28K
- WAMC Burswood Twilight in Perth, WA - 5K
- Waratah to Sandy Point Fun Run in VIC - 8K

Until Next Week...

Wow, it's the last day of 2012 already and a fresh running year starts tomorrow! Have a great night and a great running New Year!!

On a final note, I'm planning on making some changes to the email format soon to make it a bit "prettier" and not such a big texty list.

Best Running Regards,


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