Weekly Newsletter August 8th 2013

This is a copy of the weekly newsletter from the Australian Running Calendar sent by email on August 8th 2013 covering interesting articles, recently updated event pages, and events coming up over the next two weeks.

It's been a busy week in Running Calendar land; I had so much work to catch up on after my week's holiday the week before last and then had to check up on over 200 event listings in the last few days. The end result has been over 100 event listings added/edited since the last newsletter, and is why this week's is a bit later than usual. Things should be back to normal and a bit less hectic now!

== Interesting articles ==

City2Surf in Sydney
The Guardian Running Blog looks at this weekend's upcoming City2Surf in Sydney. Despite it being a UK based website, the article's author does live in Sydney and has previously run at the City2Surf three times. Read the article here.

Pam Smith: How the West(ern) was won
People don't usually win the world's most competitive races by happenstance, and that was certainly not Pam Smith's case when she bested the rest of the women (and most of the men) at this year's Western States 100. In this article, Pam offers up all the details of how she put together her perfect race. Read the article.

Nutrition tips for runners - fuel your tank
Whitney Dagg is not only one of New Zealand's top trail runners, she also knows how to eat. With a Bachelor of Applied Science in Sport and Exercise Nutrition and a Diploma in Human Nutrition, and a string of wins and course records to her name she is the perfect person to give some nutritional advice for your next backcountry running adventure! Read the article.

Mark Covert content to end streak
On July 24th, Mark Covert's streak of consecutive days of having completed a mile ended at 16,436 days, or exactly 45 years. A streak which began shortly after Covert's Burbank High graduation, had finally come to an end. Read more.

== Recently updated event pages ==

So with over 100 updates made in the last few days, there's no point listing them all here! Go check out the website homepage for the most recently updated listings, and be sure to check back regularly. I have quickly run through the events over the next two weeks this morning to make sure they are as accurate as they can be.

As noted last week, there's a series of upcoming events called the Rainbow Run. There have been a few of these already staged, but there's very little information about or way to register for the upcoming events and the next one is supposed to be in Cairns on August 18th. I've put a note on each the upcoming event's pages which talks about this, and have emailed the event organisers to see if they can clarify if these events are indeed going ahead. So far they have not responded.

== Upcoming events ==

Events this week

Thursday August 8th 2013
- Adventure Sport NQ Metrogaine Series in Cairns, QLD - 1 hour

Saturday August 10th 2013
- Athletics Victoria XCR in Warragul, VIC - 8K, 4K, 3K, 2K
- Charters Towers Healthy Lifestyle Festival in Charters Towers, QLD - 10K, 5K, 3K
- Great Pyramid Race in Gordonvale, QLD - 11.6K, 5K, 1.5K
- parkrun throughout Australia - 5K
- Wildhorse at Night near Beerburrum, QLD - 27K, 16.5K, 10K

Sunday August 11th 2013
- AWMA Trail Running Series - McFarlanes Hill in Wadonga, VIC - 19K
- BRAC 2 Beach Fun Run in Broome, WA - 10K, 5K
- Carina Canter in Brisbane, QLD - 4K, 2K
- City to Surf in Busselton, WA - 12K Run/Walk, 4K Run/Walk, 4K Wheelchair
- City2Surf in Sydney, NSW - 14K
- Mt Misery Trail Run in Adelaide, SA - 16K Run, 7K Run/Walk
- Perth Half Marathon in Perth, WA - 21.1K, 5K
- The Tan Ultra in Melbourne, VIC - 100K, 50K, 42K, 30K, 21K, 12K, 4K
- Wimmera Grampians Heart Challenge in Stawell, Victoria - 10K, 5K

Events next week

Thursday August 15th 2013
- Adventure Sport NQ Metrogaine Series in Cairns, QLD - 1 hour

Friday August 16th 2013
- Capital to Coast from Canberra to NSW Coast - 9K

Saturday August 17th 2013
- Cairns Road Runners Canine Challenge in Cairns, QLD - 5K, 3K, 1K
- Capital to Coast from Canberra to NSW Coast - Stages 1 to 3
- Greatest Athlete in Sydney, NSW - 5K Obstacle Course
- Lamington Eco Challenge at Lamington National Park, QLD - 42.2K, 21.1K
- parkrun throughout Australia - 5K
- SDAC Winter Series at Royal National Park, NSW - Half Marathon, 10K, 5K, 3K, 2K, 1K
- Tough Mudder in Bells Creek, QLD - 19K approx
- Trail Marathon Running Weekend in Wagga Wagga, NSW - 10K, 5K
- Western Mudd Rush in Perth, WA - 9K

Sunday August 18th 2013
- Alice Springs Running Festival - Ultra Marathon, Marathon and Half Marathon
- Bellarine Rail Trail Run in Melbourne, VIC - 34K, 17K
- Botanic to Bridge in Gladstone, QLD - 8K, 3K
- Bungunya State School Bun Run in Bungunya, QLD - 3 hours
- Byron 2 Brunswick Beach Run in NSW - 10K
- Camden Haven King of the Mountain in Laurieton, NSW - 5K
- Capital to Coast from Canberra to NSW Coast - Stages 4 to 6
- Cottesloe Cup in Cottesloe, Perth, WA - 7.5K
- Lake Manchester Trails in QLD - 22K, 5K
- Lakes College Fun Run in North Lakes, QLD - 10K, 5K, 2K, 4x2K
- Lamington Eco Challenge at Lamington National Park, QLD - 42.2K, 21.1K
- Rainbow Run in Cairns, QLD - 5K
- Sandy Point Half in Melbourne, VIC - Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, 5K
- Sydney Tower Stair Challenge in Sydney, NSW - 1504 Steps & 309 metres vertical
- Sydney Trailrunning Series at Kuringai Wildflower Gardens in Sydney, NSW - 10K, 5K
- Tamworth Running Festival in Tamworth, NSW - 21.1K, 10K, 5K, 4K
- Tough Mudder in Bells Creek, QLD - 19K approx
- Trail Marathon Running Weekend in Wagga Wagga, NSW - Marathon, Marathon Relay, Half Marathon
- Victoria Road Runners Princes Park Half Marathon, 10K, 5K in Melbourne, VIC
- Western Mudd Rush in Perth, WA - 9K

== Until next week ==

Have a great running week!

Best Running Regards,

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