Weekly Newsletter September 24th 2013

This is a copy of the weekly newsletter from the Australian Running Calendar sent by email on September 24th 2013 covering interesting articles, recently updated event pages, and events coming up over the next two weeks.

== Interesting articles ==

Worldwide Companion 5K
The Worldwide Companion 5K is a run at 4pm GMT on November 27th anywhere in the world; that's on November 28th in Australia at midnight in WA, 1:30am in NT, 2:00am in QLD, 2:30am in SA, and 3:00am in ACT, NSW, TAS and VIC.. The idea behind the run is to get as many people around the world to run 5km at the same time for fun. Find out more here on the event listing and here at the Facebook event.

YouTube video of the week
This video shows what not to do when you are about to win a race... check it out.

Perry Newburn to run from Los Angeles to New York
New Zealander Perry Newburn is a super long distance runner, and has set the himself the challenge of breaking the Masters' record for running from Los Angeles to New York in the shortest time, a distance of approximately 4,500kms. The record is currently 52 days, and he's planning to do it in 50 days starting in April. Read more about Perry's Run over at MoonJoggers.

How Far Did Rocky Go in His Training Run in "Rocky II"
Dan McQuade writes: "One of my favorite parts of any Rocky movie is the training montage. Specifically, I enjoy watching Rocky run the streets of Philadelphia ... Of all the Rocky training montages, though, the run in Rocky II is my favorite ... I wondered, what if this roadwork were treated as one actual run? How far would Rocky go?" Read more to find out the answer.

Pic2Go social media amplification for your next sports event
Event directors, let your participants socially-share their experience through branded photos while you increase brand engagement, social media reach and expand your fan base with Pic2Go. It uses a unique barcode recognition software which post runners event pictures straight to their Facebook fan book page as a branded image which is then shared with all their friends. Find out more.

== Recently updated event pages ==

Check for recent updates on the website homepage
I'm continuing to work my way through the event listings since the major website update a couple of weeks ago, and have checked over 100 event listings since the newsletter last Wednesday. I've now manually checked 28% of all listings in the database against the event website, and am continuing to work away at this.

Make sure you check out the website homepage for the most recently updated listings, and be sure to check back regularly for our frequent updates.

Significant event changes
- The Maitland River run date has changed from 25 May to 04 May 2014
- Confirmed distances for the Gold Coast Trail Running Series event on 09 Feb 2014
- Updated distances for The Turtle and Lamb event on 19 Oct 2013

== Upcoming events ==

Events this week

Wednesday September 25th 2013
- Fast Track Corporate Running Series - Brisbane, QLD - 7K, 4.5K

Saturday September 28th 2013
- Big Beach Challenge - Newcastle, NSW - 30K, 15K, 6K, 3K
- Fun Run Pink - Sydney, NSW - 5K, 2.5K, Kids 1K
- Hobsons Bay Running Club Handicap - Melbourne, VIC - 5K
- Parkrun - Throughout Australia - 5K
- Raw Challenge - Doyalson, NSW - 6K
- Waterous Trail On Foot - Dwellingup, WA - 100 mile, 50 mile

Sunday September 29th 2013
- Coburg Harriers Fun Run - Melbourne, VIC - 12K, 6K
- Glenbrook Marathon - Glenbrook, NSW - 42K, 34K, 25K
- Hills Fun Run - Sydney, NSW - 8K, 4K, Kids 2K
- La Femme 5 - Adelaide, SA - 5K - Women Only, Kids 1K
- Memory Walk and Jog - Port Macquerie, NSW - 7.5K, 2K
- Sarah Hilt Foundation Fun Run and Walk - Camden, NSW - 5K
- Tomewin Mountain Challenge - Currumbin Valley, QLD - 21K.1, 14K, 6K, 1K

Events next week

Tuesday October 1st 2013
- Mt Ainslie Run Up - Canberra, ACT - 2.2K

Wednesday October 2nd 2013
- Cairns Road Runners Time Trial - Cairns, QLD - 10K, 8K, 5K, 3K
- Sydney Corporate Cup - Sydney, NSW - 6K Team Event
- Sydney Summer Series - Sydney, NSW - 45 minute orienteering

Thursday October 3rd 2013
- Corporate Cup Series - Melbourne, VIC - 3.8K

Saturday October 5th 2013
- Glow Run - Adelaide - 5K
- Magnetic Island Run - Magnetic Island, QLD - 14K, 12K, 8.5K, 6.1K
- Parkrun - Throughout Australia - 5K
- Sydney Striders 10K Series - Sydney, NSW - 10K
- The Great Amazing Race - Melbourne, VIC - Approx 3 hours
- Western Sydney Marathon - Sydney, NSW - 42.2K, 21.1K, 10K, 5K

Sunday October 6th 2013
- Carina Canter - Brisbane, QLD - 4K, 2K
- Fremantle Half Marathon - South Beach, Fremantle, WA - 21.1K, 5K
- Prisoners on the Run Fun Run - Beechworth, VIC - 8K
- Run Ballarat - Ballarat, VIC - 12K, 6K
- Run for Your Heart - Launceston, TAS - 5K, Kids 800m
- Run the Maine - Castlemaine, VIC - 10K, 5K, 2K
- Spartan Race - VIC - 14K
- The Color Run - Townsville, QLD - 5K
- Toowoomba Marathon - Toowoomba, QLD - 42.2K, 31.6K, 21.1K, 10K
- Women's and Girls' Jogalong - Canberra, ACT - 6K, 3K, 1.6K

== Until next week ==

Have a great running week!

Best Running Regards,

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