Weekly Newsletter November 28th 2013

This week's newsletter on November 28th 2013 covers interesting articles, our current competitions, recent updates, and events coming up over the next two weeks.

== Interesting articles ==

"Simon Cowell is killing running"
"I know running and runners and have read and learned a lot about how to run. I have discovered a truth that I have yet to see disproven and I would love for someone to try and discredit it. Here it is. Once comfort is taken care of; never in the history of running has a bit of kit made anyone faster. Ever." Read more.

Interviewing people while running
Would people be more open about their lives if interviewed while jogging? One pair of film-makers decided to find out. Read more.

Recovery e21 electrolyte replacement super-capsule
Do muscle cramps and feeling fatigued stop you from running your best? Find out how Recovery e21 has been helping athletes perform at their best. Visit www.e21.com.au to see the scientific trials and special limited offer.

Benefits of polarized training
With polarized training, most workouts are either very hard or very easy. In one study, runners using a program like this improved their 10K times by five percent, while those who did more running in the middle - and trained harder overall - improved by just 3.6 percent. Here's how to polarize your plan.

Human Kinetics book offer
Human Kinetics is pleased to offer 20% off their books. Join Human Kinetics Rewards for free and enter the promo code ARC13 at the cart. Check out their range of running books here.

== Competitions ==

Win an entry to Color Me Rad
Color Me Rad is coming to Sydney on February 23rd 2014 with a tsunami of color that'll make colored tears of joy run down your cheeks and will renew your will to live. We have two entries to give away over the next two weeks; the first entry will be given away on December 2nd (this Monday coming up) and the second on December 9th. You only need to enter once to be entered into both draws, so don't miss out: enter today.

Win a pair of Safe Lace
Safe Lace is a revolutionary product suitable for all laced shoes and all ages, children and adults. We have two pairs to give away to two lucky winners (one pair each). Find out more and enter the competition here; this competition runs until Sunday and the winners will be drawn on Monday.

== Recently updated event pages ==

Recent updates
To find out what's been recently updated, check the website homepage regularly. I include in this newsletter a list of the more important updates (see below) such as date changes, cancellations, or late additions to the calendar.

Significant event changes
- Nothing this week

== Upcoming events ==

Events this week

Thursday November 28th 2013
- Adventure Sport NQ Metrogaine Series - Cairns, QLD - 1 hour
- Corporate Cup Series - Melbourne, VIC - 3.8K
- Worldwide Companion 5K - Anywhere you want - 5K

Friday November 29th 2013
- Glow Stick Run - Sunshine Coast, QLD - 10K, 6K, 2K

Saturday November 30th 2013
- Be Active Metro Series - Perth, WA - 3 to 8km Evening Orienteering
- Bruny Island Ultra Marathon - Bruny Island, TAS - 64K Solo or 2 to 10 person relay
- Call of the Beast - Canberra, ACT - 11K, 8K, 3.5K, Kids 1-2K
- Hobsons Bay Running Club Handicap - Melbourne, VIC - 5K
- La Sportiva Mountain Running Series - Razorback Run - Alpine National Park, VIC - 68K, 64K, 58K, 38K, 22K
- Mud Run - Sydney, NSW - 7K, Kids 1K
- Parkrun - Throughout Australia - 5K
- Sprint Into Spring - Ballarat, VIC - Orienteering: Approx 3.5K, 2.5K
- Sprint Into Spring - Ballarat, VIC - Orienteering: Approx 3.5K, 2.5K
- Suck It Up Buttercup - Tamworth, NSW - 10K Mud Obstacle Course, Kids 3K
- The Holt Bolt - Strathpine, QLD - 6-8K Obstacle Course
- Tour de Tamborine - Mt Tamborine, QLD - 15K Trail Run, 8.5K Trail Run

Sunday December 1st 2013
- Balmain Fun Run - Sydney, NSW - 10K, 5K, Kids 2K
- Blue Lake Fun Run - Mount Gambier, SA - 10.4K, 6.8K, 3.2K
- Bupa Take Steps for Good Health - Melbourne, VIC - 8K, 4K
- Dinner Plain Mile High Trail Run - Dinner Plain to Mount Hotham Trail, VIC - 21K, 7K, 4K
- Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge Adventure Run - Hobart, TAS - 6.5K
- MS Mud Run - Adelaide, SA - 4K
- OK's 4 Kids Family Fun Run/Walk - Ballarat, VIC - 15K, 6K, 3K
- Shepparton Runners Club Handicap Race - Shepparton, VIC - 5K, Junior 2K
- South Sydney Summer Series - Sydney, NSW - 45 minute orienteering
- Sprint Into Spring - Ballarat, VIC - Orienteering: Approx 3.5K, 2.5K
- The Santa Run - Launceston, TAS - 5K, 2.5K
- Tour de Tamborine - Mt Tamborine, QLD - 21.1K, 10K Road Run/Walk, 5K Road Run/Walk, Junior 1K
- Variety Santa Fun Run - Adelaide, SA - 4K
- Variety Santa Fun Run - Brisbane, QLD - 5K
- Variety Santa Fun Run - Canberra, ACT - 5K
- Variety Santa Fun Run - Darwin - 2K
- Variety Santa Fun Run - Fremantle, WA - 4K
- Variety Santa Fun Run - Hobart, TAS - 4K
- Variety Santa Fun Run - Melbourne, VIC - 10K, 5K, 2K
- Variety Santa Fun Run - Newcastle, NSW - 5K, 3K
- Variety Santa Fun Run - Sydney, NSW - 5K
- Women's and Girls' Jogalong - Canberra, ACT - 6K, 3K, 1.6K

Events next week

Monday December 2nd 2013
- West Sydney Summer Series - Sydney, NSW - 45 minute orienteering

Tuesday December 3rd 2013
- Mt Ainslie Run Up - Canberra, ACT - 2.2K

Wednesday December 4th 2013
- Cairns Road Runners Time Trial - Cairns, QLD - 10K, 8K, 5K, 3K
- Sydney Summer Series - Sydney, NSW - 45 minute orienteering

Thursday December 5th 2013
- Adventure Sport NQ Metrogaine Series - Cairns, QLD - 1 hour

Friday December 6th 2013
- Coast to Kosci Ultramarathon - Twofold Bay to Mt Kosciuszko, NSW - 240K

Saturday December 7th 2013
- Be Active Metro Series - Perth, WA - 3 to 8km Evening Orienteering
- Parkrun - Throughout Australia - 5K
- South Sydney Summer Series - Sydney, NSW - 45 minute orienteering
- Tan Handicap and Breakfast - Melbourne, VIC - 8K, 4K
- Winter Warrior Challenge - Lake Mountain, VIC - 15K

Sunday December 8th 2013
- Beach Bash - Forster, NSW - 7K, 4K
- Black Mountain Challenge - Canberra, ACT - 5K
- Kurrawa to Duranbah - QLD - 50K, 30K, 15K, 2x25K Relay
- Launceston 5K Classic - Launceston, TAS - 5K
- Sri Chinmoy Melbourne - Melbourne, VIC - 10.5K, 7K, 3.5K
- Sussan Women's Fun Run - Melbourne, VIC - 21.1K, 10K, 5K
- Sweaty Santa Fun Run and Breakfast - Barron Gorge, QLD - 10K, 5K, 3K, 1K
- Sydney Trailrunning Series: Manly Dam - Sydney, NSW - 20.4K, 10.2K, 7K
- The Santa Run - Ulverstone, TAS - 5.2K, 2.5K
- Variety Santa Run - Bundaberg, QLD - 5K
- WAMC Founders Run - Perth, WA - 16.1K, 5.15K

== Until next week ==

Have a great running week!

Best Running Regards,

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