Weekly Newsletter January 7th 2014

This week's newsletter on January 7th 2014 welcomes you to the New Year with some interesting running articles.

Happy New Year! This is the first newsletter for 2014. I took my first proper holiday for 3 years where I didn't actually do any work (not quite true: I still sent out my weekly reports to advertisers and made a couple of minor updates to events, but that was only about an hour all up over two weeks) and am now nice and rested and ready to crack into a new working year!

Normally this weekly newsletter includes important event updates, late additions and a list of events coming up in the next two weeks, but I have a large backlog to work through due to my holiday. So instead of putting this email off until that's done, I'm sending it out now and will then work my way through the backlog.

Check the website homepage regularly for updates as there will be a lot over the next few days.

== Interesting articles ==

Couple run 365 marathons in a year
And while we're looking at phenomenal running achievements, Melbourne couple Janette Murray-Wakelin, 64, and Alan Murray, 68, set out to run around Australia for a year, completing a marathon a day. Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald.

How to survive the early pitfalls of running if you're just starting or returning after a layoff
The first step out the door is often the hardest, and not just for beginners. Illness forced Greg Hamilton to take a nine-month hiatus from training. In his first attempt to return to the roads, he made it 14 grueling blocks at a pace not much faster than a walk. Read more.

Red Feb Relay
This is a running event rather than an interesting article, but it doesn't really fit into being listed as an event on the running calendar website. The Red Feb Relay will add up all your kilometres run in February and together run a virtual relay around Australia. Find out more on the Red Feb Relay website.

Perth Trail Series reusable collapsible cups
I thought these were quite cool - in a recent newsletter by the Perth Trail Series they had a photo of their new re-usable collapsible silicone cups. You will still be able to refill your hydration packs, waist packs, and handhelds at the aid stations, but if you want that "bonus" cup of water or Hammer Heed to drink, you'll need to carry your cup! Check out the newsletter for the photo of the cups.

Darren and Sharon are running away
This blog is about a couple who plan to run a half marathon in every state and territory in Australia in 2014 - how's that for a New Year's resolution? Looking at their list of events, they're going all out with plans to run 11 over the course of the year. Read their blog here.

== Until next week ==

I was on holiday in Fiji for the last couple of weeks and set myself a goal of running 200km while I was away, managed to just tick over the 200km on the last morning before we left. This was part of starting my build up for the Tarawera and Hillary ultras in New Zealand in March.

Now that I'm back, I need to start concentrating on longer distances and a lot more off road training. A good challenge which I'm looking forward to! I wish you all the best for your running and walking events in 2014!


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