Weekly Newsletter June 25th 2014

This week's newsletter on June 25th 2014 covers interesting articles, some big news about the website, and one late addition to the running calendar.

The big news first
The new website design went live earlier on today. On a desktop web browser at full screen, you probably won't notice too much difference, other than a few things being in slightly different places (e.g. links to the event website etc are now above the dates on an event listing page) and the search form is visible on all pages, depending how wide your screen is.

On a mobile device, on the other hand, you will notice a huge difference in layout and load time. The header is small and black without the large header image, and the navigation and search functions appear/disappear when you click the buttons on the left and right of the header.

The website is set up to be "responsive", which means that no matter how wide or narrow your screen or web browser is, it will scale the columns to fit, and show and hide columns depending on how much room there is. Go check it out now.

== Interesting Articles ==

The Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei
In the foothills of Mt. Hiei, to the northeast of Kyoto City, lies a huge, 1,200-year old temple complex called Enryakuji. The Tendai-shu monks who live here attempt to complete a challenge that consists of 7 years of pilgrimage to over 250 sites on Mt. Hiei. During their visits, they need to cover a total of 1,000 long marathons. Find out more about this incredible feat here.

Healthy Intelligent Endurance Training Seminars - Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney
Understanding Muscle Fibre Types and Dominant Fuel Systems – What does this mean for your training schedule? Knowing the Anaerobic Phases and about Planning & Periodisation is Key. Find out more and register here.

10 Natural Race Food Alternatives
Sick of gels or similar types on nutrition when doing long runs and events? Try some of these natural foods instead: dates, coconut water, home made baby food, sunflower seed butter, frozen grapes, home made gels, watermelon dipped in salt (in salt?!), dehydrated fruit, honey, and fruits & nuts. Check out this article at active.com for more info.

== Recently added and updated events ==

Recent updates
To find out what's been recently updated, check the website homepage regularly. I include in this newsletter a list of the more important updates such as date changes, cancellations or late additions to the calendar. Late additions are events which will take place in the next two to three weeks and have only just been added to the website.

Late additions
- The Ferry Elite Mile in Townsville on July 12th

== Until next week ==

Have a great running week!


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