Weekly Newsletter July 15th 2014

This week's newsletter on July 15th 2014 has interesting articles, one date correction, one postponement and two late additions to the running calendar.

== Interesting Articles ==

Hop, skip and jump your way to becoming a faster runner
Andy DuBois argues that most runners spend almost 100% of their training time actually running, based on the mistaken belief that if you want to become a better runner then you should simply run more. He talks about elastic energy and hopping, skipping and jumping to achive this. Read more.

10 terms every hip runner should know
The Shut Up and Run blog defines 10 terms every runner should know: streaker; fartlek; chicked; DOMS; bonking; shart; DNS/DNF/DFL; bloody nips; camel toes; and snot rocket. Check out the blog post for full definitions of each of these.

A non-runner's guide to runners
Mark Remy posts an amusing look at runners from a non-runner's perspective, in a David Attenborough style. Good for a laugh! Read it here at Maria's Farm Country Kitchen.

How to get faster at running trails
Jenny Hadfield shares some tips at Runners World about how to run faster on the trails, including: develop your trail fitness first; build your long runs slower off road; weave balance and strength into your routine; and run techy trail intervals. Check out the article here.

Grains for Athletes: Farro and Quinoa recipes
Active.com has a couple of grain based recipes, one with farro (an ancient grain which is high in fibre and packed with nutrients like niacin and zinc to help the body convert food to fuel and boost immunity) and the other with quinoa (a South America superfood, high in amino acids and is a great source of dietary fiber). Check them out here.

Guy Leech shares his top tips for staying motivated in the middle of winter
Champion ironman Guy Leech shares some tips for staying motivated in winter: train for an event; set a goal; visualisation; find a workout buddy; and practise portion control. Read the tips here.

== Recently added and updated events ==

Recent updates
To find out what's been recently updated, check the website homepage regularly. I include in this newsletter a list of the more important updates such as date changes, cancellations or late additions to the calendar. Late additions are events which will take place in the next two to three weeks and have only just been added to the website.

Date corrections
- Swaggy Wilson Memorial in Morwell, Victoria: corrected the next event date to 27 Jul 2014 (was incorrectly listed as 03 Aug 2014)

- Miss Muddy in Sydney has been postponed from September 14th to March 8th

Late additions
- Shepparton Runners Club Free Time Trial on July 20th
- Roseville Chase Rotary Fun Run on July 27th

== Until next week ==

Have a great running week!


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