Weekly Newsletter October 21st 2014

This week's newsletter has interesting articles, the Kilcunda Half Marathon competition winner, two cancellations and two late additions to the running calendar.

== Interesting Articles ==

Four reasons for a long run gone wrong
Runners World looks at 4 reasons that a long run might go wrong assessing the reaons for it, and how to fix it. They look at: head, accumulated fatigue, pace, and other variables from your regular life outside of running & training. Find out more here.

Is heel striking really the enemy of good running form?
Heel striking has had a bad press, blamed by many for a tendency to cause injury. But is forefoot running always best? The Guardian's Running Blog sifts the evidence here.

10 of the toughest sporting events in the world
The New Zealand Herald takes a look at some of the toughest sporting events in the world, which include several running toughies: the six day Marathon des Sables; Badwater Ultramarathon; Comrades Marathon; Antarctic Ice Marathon; Barkley Marathons. Check these (and the non-running ones) here.

Do you really need to snack during your workouts?
Active.com asks if you really need to snack when running. "Before you head out for a quick 5-mile run or an hour-long bike ride, empty your pockets - you're better off leaving the snacks at home. There's little evidence that supports eating during workouts, especially for light to moderate exercise for an hour or less." Read the article here.

Running at night
Kate Carter writes at the Guardian's Running Blog about how running at night was born out of necessity but how she loves it. "Running in the dark is nothing to be scared of – it's a joy, to be embraced and loved and planned around." Read the blog here.

== Competitions ==

Kilcunda Half Marathon Competition Winner
The winner of the free entry to the Kilcunda Half Marathon is John Lawrie. The Kilcinda Half Marathon and George Bass Coastal 16km are on February 1st 2015, and are for the beginner trail runner, the road runner that is jaded and wants to get out there for great scenery and great running and just wants to be re-invigorated by the great outdoors, as well as the experienced trail runner just wanting a great run. Find out more and enter online on the event website.

== Recently added and updated events ==

Recent updates
To find out what's been recently updated, check the website homepage regularly. I include in this newsletter a list of the more important updates such as date changes, cancellations or late additions to the calendar. Late additions are events which will take place in the next two to three weeks and have only just been added to the website.

- The multi day events at the Victorian Trail Running Festival starting November 1st are no longer going ahead; the other events are still going ahead
- Variety Santa Run in Brisbane on November 30th has been cancelled

Late additions
- Dingo Dash in Grandchester, QLD on Saturday
- Maroubra Fun Run in Sydney on Sunday

== Until next week ==

Have a great running week!


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