Weekly Newsletter January 20th 2015

This week's newsletter has interesting articles, our current o2fit competition which runs until Sunday, and a few updates to the run calendar.

== Interesting Articles ==

River Run 100 Ultra Marathon
"River Run 100 is a unique opportunity to run a middle distance relay with your mates as a team. Let's run the river together," says Craig Mottram, "Australia's greatest ever 5,000 metres runner" and River Run 100 Ambassador. Find out more about this event on August 16th in Brisbane.

The most important rule in training for a 100 mile race
Don't let the title of this article put you off if you never intend to run anywhere near as far as 100 miles, the rule applies to any distance that you find long: train with the gear, clothing and nutrition that you will use in your race. This is of course very similar to the other golden rule, which is to not try something new on race day. Read the article here.

Banana Jacks Recipe
Yum these look good. Kate Townsley of Kori Kita shares her recipe for banana jacks, which only have oats, ripe bananas and dark chocolate. You can easily add nuts or dried fruit too if you want. And just in case you want a more sugary treat, she has a sugar version of the recipe too. Check it out here.

Things to consider before dating an ultrarunner
Candice at Wild Defined posts up a humorous look at the pros and cons for dating an ultra runner, sone of which cross over both sides, such as "thinks a long run is 30 miles". My favourite positive is that they're "likely to survive the zombie apocolypse". Check it out here.

How to treat your foot blister
Blisters are a very common problem for many a runner, unless you have bullet proof feet like a fortunate few. But for most of us, those sweat/pus ridden troughs of skin are all to common a theme after a long run. Ultra168 offers advice about how to prevent, manage and treat blisters. Read it here.

== Competitions ==

o2fit compression gear competition
o2fit is Australia's best value compression clothing brand and has an item of compression gear to give away. Go to www.o2fit.com.au to check out the range, find the item you would like to win and then enter it into the the competition form here by Sunday night. The winner will be drawn on Monday - Australia Day!

== Recently added and updated events ==

Recent updates
To find out what's been recently updated, check the website homepage regularly. I include in this newsletter a list of the more important updates such as date changes, cancellations or late additions to the calendar. Late additions are events which will take place in the next two to three weeks and have only just been added to the website.

Late additions
- Australia Day Ultra in Australind, WA on Saturday; note entries are now closed for this event
- Orroral Valley Classic in Canberra in Saturday

Date changes
- Run for Hope in Melbourne has changed from March 15th to 29th

- I've removed the next date I had listed for The Color Run in Brisbane (June 14th), because it's no longer showing on The Color Run website

Other updates
- Riverina Rush Fun Run in Narrandera, NSW on March 14th has a half marathon this year, as well as the regular 10K and 5K fun runs

== Until next week ==

Have a great running week and long Australia Day Weekend!


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