Weekly Newsletter March 10th 2015

This week's newsletter has interesting articles, the Wilson's Prom competition winner, the current PCYC Gladstone Rainbow Run competition, two cancellations, one date change, and two late additions to the Australian Run Calendar.

== Interesting Articles ==

Bravehearts 777 launches single state marathon option
Bravehearts has launched a new single state marathon option as part of its 777 challenge. The Bravehearts 777 - 7 marathons in 7 states in 7 days - is a heart-pounding, exhilarating feat which will see participants run/walk 300kms a week with marathons in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra, Kingscliff and the Gold Coast. Find out more.

Running GPS vs course length infographic
Three weeks ago, I reposted an article about GPS watches and accuracy, and came across an infographic this week about GPS vs course length. It looks at how certified courses are measured and where the inaccuracies in GPS watches can come from. Check it out here.

The DIY filmmaking of Ethan Newberry
Matt Rayment interviews running filmmaker Ethan Newberry, known as The Ginger Runner. Ethan employs a strict DIY ethos (his films are shot with a boom mounted GoPro camera as he runs) strong narrative focus and emotional heft, courtesy of his honest chronicling of the challenges and triumphs of a non professional athlete who competes in trail ultra marathons. Read the interview here.

Interview with Mark Finch, founder & CEO of I Measure U
I Measure U has developed mathematical models and wearable sensors that give real-time feedback on your technique, helping to optimise your performance, reduce the chance of injury and increase success. Find out more here in this interview with Mark Finch, the company's CEO.

6 tips for reducing mindless eating
We've all done it before, started eating something and then go to reach for more and before you know it there is nothing left. You have eaten the whole damn packet! Amanda at MoveLoveEat has 6 tips to reduce this "mindless eating", which include hydrating and keeping healthier options on hand. Read the tips in full here.

== Competitions ==

Wilson's Prom Competition Winner
The winner of the free entry to Wilson's Prom is Cheryl Morton from Ballina, NSW, who will be running the 44km event. There are also 60km, 80km and 100km events at Wilson's Prom at Wilson's Promontory National Park in Victoria on May 2nd 2015. Find out more about the event.

PCYC Gladstone Rainbow Run Competition
Go in the draw to win a free entry to the PCYC Gladstone Rainbow Run on April 12th 2015 at Mt Larcom in Queensland. The competition runs until Sunday night with the winner drawn on Monday. Enter competition.

== Recently added and updated events ==

Recent updates
To find out what's been recently updated, check the website homepage regularly. I include in this newsletter a list of the more important updates such as date changes, cancellations or late additions to the calendar. Late additions are events which will take place in the next two to three weeks and have only just been added to the website.

- Cairns Team Challenge scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled due to lack of entrants
- The 14K & 21K events at the Tomewin Mountain Challenge on March 22nd have been cancelled; the 6K & 1K races have been moved to the previous day

Date changes
- The Color Run Night Run in Sydney has changed from May 16th to June 6th

Late additions
- Harry's Challenge in Newcastle, NSW on March 22nd
- Davies Creek Dash Bush Rogaine in QLD on March 22nd

Other updates
- There is a half marathon in addition to the other distances at the Murray Bridge River Trail Fun Run in Murray Bridge, SA on March 29th

== Until next week ==

Have a great running week!


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