Weekly Newsletter January 14th 2016

This week's newsletter is the first for 2016 and has some news about the website, interesting articles and a number of date corrections, cancellations and late additions to the running calendar.

== Website News ==

There will be a number of changes and new features introduced to the website over the next few months; these include being able to create a member login, save events and be notified automatically when they are updated.

There will be a lot of other useful functions added, but I'm keeping those under my hat for the moment and will announce them as and when they are released.

I was hoping to get start working on these updates before Christmas, but it's been taking time for me to tie up loose ends with other work so I can dedicate more time to developing the running calendar website(s). But I do have a roadmap in place and once the school holidays are over I'll have a lot more time to implement these. Watch this space!

== Interesting Articles ==

Video of the week: An Unconventional Champion - Michael Wardian
Few people in the world would be willing to take on the sheer volume of miles and races that Michael does, but we take great inspiration from the fact that he manages to juggle his amazing regimen with a full-time job, spousal and parental responsibilities, and a generally busy lifestyle… just like the rest of us. The lessons from Michael's disciplined approach to building a running lifestyle is that it really is all about priorities and finding your personal balance. Watch the video here at YouTube.

How to stay safe when running
The running community in New Zealand is reeling after the horrible murder of a female runner on a suburban street in Auckland last week. Naturally Leah, a running blogger, offers some advice to keep safe when running; Beth at Shut Up + Run does the same in this article, where she remembers her friend Sherry, who was murdered while out running 4 years ago.

My eating disorder nearly ended my marathon dreams - but now I'm back up and running
Tom Fairbrother writes "As part of my drive to become a better runner, I became obsessed with my weight and developed bulimia nervosa. It took a case of toothache for me to finally overcome my illness". Read the article here at The Guardian.

12 monthly running challenges for your strongest year of running ever
Running coach Doug Hay posts up a list of 12 monthly running challenges to approach over the course of the year. Each challenge builds on the last, and are mostly adaptable so if one feels too easy, make it harder. You don't have to start in January, but what a great time to do it! Read the article for the full list of challenges at No Meat Athlete.

== Wildfire Sports ==

Wildfire Sports is Australia's premier retailer of sporting equipment for outdoor and multisport athletes. They stock a variety of premium and specialist brands of fitness electronics, footwear, clothing, gear and nutritional products. Go to Wildfire Sports to browse their products.

Note that this is an affiliate link; your order will cost the same as it normally does, but we get a small percentage of the sale amount, so you help support the running calendar by buying with that link.

== Recently added and updated events ==

Recent updates
I've been on holiday the past three weeks and have only made few updates to listings during that time, when people emailed to request them. I've spent the last few days reviewing event websites and doing a huge number of updates to event listings, so make sure you check the website homepage to see what's been updated.

Note that I'm still in the middle of reviewing a huge number of event websites, so there will continue to be a large number of updates over the next few days. It appears that event directors across the country have been announcing dates for 2016 left right and center in the past three or four weeks!

Below are the more important updates: date corrections & cancellations and late additions.

- Phillip Island Multisport Festival scheduled for January 16th (this Saturday) has been cancelled

Date corrections
- The AusTRAILia Day Marathon in the Glasshouse Mountains was incorrectly listed as being on January 26th when it is actually on January 23rd
- The last race in the SMC Road Race Series in Sydney is May 22nd, not 15th as originally listed

Date changes
- Duncan's Run Hundred was postponed from December 19th to April 2nd due to extreme weather
- St Helens ANZAC Day Fun Run in Tasmania has changed from April 25th to April 23rd
- Great Alpine Road Marathon & Half Marathon in Victoria has changed from November 19th to December 4th

Late additions
- Stromlo Stomp in Canberra on January 17th (this Sunday)
- Ultrain LRC Trail Series in Launceston on January 24th
- Paws to the Pavement in Stockton, NSW on January 24th
- Trail Kids at Knapsack in Glenbrook, NSW on January 26th

== Until next week ==

That's all for this week, so have a great running week!


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