Weekly Newsletter June 8th 2016

This week's newsletter has interesting articles, a large number of postponements and cancellations due to the extreme weather last weekend, some other date changes & corrections and a couple of late additions to the Australian Fun Run Calendar.

== Interesting articles ==

Trails website gets new design and new exciting features
Trail Hiking Australia has launched a newly redesigned website for the outdoor adventurer, providing powerful tools so that anyone looking for trails throughout Australia can filter based on destination, distance, duration, grade or a combination of these categories. Find out more.

50 years of iconic, interesting and insane ads at Runners World
To honor RW's 50th anniversary, they took a look at some of their archive's most eye-catching advertisements, and there's some pretty interesting clothing in there, including a tracksuit the Six Million Dollar Man would have been proud to wear, and some lovely manly leotards - I'm not sure just what colour you would call them! Check them out here.

Should you drink water or pour it on your head?
In a light-hearted editorial in the journal Temperature, Nathan Morris and Ollie Jay of the University of Sydney's Thermal Ergonomics Laboratory run some numbers on whether you should drink water or pour it on your head. Find out the results in this article at Runners World. (For the record, depending how hot it is, I do both myself.)

Bringing back the mile
Edward Rice thinks the mile rivals the marathon, with just as much heritage and appeal; a distance that involves speed, tactics and excitement. It is in many respects the perfect distance: short enough to be fast and furious, but long enough to incorporate the surges and jostlings of a proper distance event. Find out more in this article at The Guardian.

One thousand and one race reports
Liza Howard at iRunFar starts off in Dr Seuss style: "We ultrarunners like to write race reports. We run for many, many (and many) hours, and then we sit down and write about it. Some are long. And some are short. Some are sad. And some are glad. And some are very, very bad" and then goes on to look at why people write up race reports. Read the article here.

== Recently added and updated events ==

Recent updates
To find out what's been recently updated, check the website homepage regularly. I include in this newsletter a list of the more important updates such as date changes, cancellations, or late additions to the calendar. And don't forget to check the calendar page for a complete list of upcoming events.

Postponements & cancellations
Due to the extreme weather in ACT, NSW & southern Queensland last weekend, a number of events were cancelled or postponed.

- MS Walk and Fun Run in Canberra and Sydney
- Kokoda Stampede at D'aguilar State Forest
- Women's and Girls' Jogalong in Canberra (this is a monthly run, so will run again in July)
- Run 2 Cure Neuroblastoma Fun Run in Sydney (may be re-scheduled to later in the year)

- The Great Nosh Footrace in Sydney; new date TBC
- The Georges River Festival of the Feet in Georges Hall; new date TBC
- Show Your Colours for the Chopper in Tamworth (now on July 31st); Armidale (now June 19th) and Port Macquarie (now August 7th)
- Kokoda Challenge in Brisbane; now on September 4th

Other cancellations
- Coffs Coast Coastal Charity Walk at Coffs Harbour on June 19th has been cancelled

Date changes & corrections
- The Dinner Plain Mile High Trail Run in Victoria is now on November 19th, not the 20th
- And the associated event the Great Alpine Road Marathon & Half Marathon is now on November 20th (the day after Dinner Plain) and not December 4th
- City Beach Run in Perth has changed from December December 11th to 4th
- Truth or Consequences is on August 14th, not November 20th as originally listed; I have no idea how I got the date for this one so wrong...

Late additions
- Darren Wall Fun Run in Canberra on June 22nd
- SWOT Winter Series of orienteering events, with the next event on June 12th

== Until next week ==

That's all for this week, so have a great running week!


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