Weekly Newsletter August 9th 2016

This week's newsletter has up to 50% off New Balance runners, interesting articles, and a number of date changes, corrections, cancellations and late additions to the running calendar.

== Special Offers ==

Sportitude New Balance sale
Save up to 50% on New Balance runners from Sportitude until August 15th. Shop now!

== Interesting articles ==

Miss Muddy on the difficulty of event scheduling
The people over at Miss Muddy blog about issues they've had scheduling their events, and the post is a good explanation of why sometimes some events get re-scheduled or cancelled altogether, and it particularly seems to affect these "themed" style running events (obstacle & mud runs, colour runs, etc). Given what my job is (keeping event calendars up to date), I have a lot of knowledge about schedule changes... read the article here.

As many miles as possible: what are 24-hour races like?
In a 24 hour race, you or your team cover as many miles as possible within a 24-hour time limit. Kirsty Reade takes a look at these super endurance events in this article at The Guardian.

Tackling new terrain: basic trail running techniques
Rhielle Widders writes at iRunFar: The question that is undoubtedly asked each time I invite someone out for a trail run is, "How hard is it?" This question gives way to two more specific questions, the first being, "How much uphill will there be?" And the second, less-obvious question, "How technical is the trail?" She then goes on to demystify some of trail running's basic techniques. Read the article here.

The right way to clean your running shoes
If your shoes get so dirty or smelly that you're just dying to wash them, there are ways to clean them safely as explained in this article at competitor.com. Their tips talk about how to get mud out, getting the stink out, and how to dry them properly.

Stay warm without overheating
For those of you in the cooler parts of the country, this article's for you! Jack asks: How can I stay warm on my runs when it is cold outside but still keep from sweating too much once I get warmed up? Dr William O. Roberts answers in this article at Runners World.

== Recently added and updated events ==

Recent updates
To find out what's been recently updated, check the website homepage regularly. I include in this newsletter a list of the more important updates such as date changes, cancellations, or late additions to the calendar. And don't forget to check the calendar page for a complete list of upcoming events.

Date changes & corrections
- Miss Muddy Melbourne has had to change from February 25th to March 25th due a date conflict with another major event; this also means a date change for Miss Muddy Adelaide, which had been scheduled for March 25th. It is now provisionally scheduled for April 8th.
- SWOT Winter Series: Evedon in WA is on August 28th, not 31st as originally listed

- Kryptonite Challenge in Myrniong, Victoria on October 8th & 9th has been cancelled

Late additions
- Trail Kids at Glenbrook National Park on August 21st
- Developing Foundation Riverwalk in Brisbane on August 2st
- Tough Bloke Challenge in Appin, NSW has changed from July 1st to June 24th
- Raffertys Coastal Run at Lake Macquarie has changed from July 22nd to July 8th

== Until next week ==

That's all for this week, so have a great running week!


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