Weekly Newsletter September 6th 2016

This week's newsletter has a Brooks running sale at Sportitude, interesting articles, two date changes/corrections, two postponements, and four late additions to the running calendar.

== Special Offers ==

Brooks running sale: Multibuy discount
Save up to 50% when you buy 1 pair of Brooks running shoes. Get a further discount when you buy more than 1 pair. This sale is on until September 12th. Shop now!

== Interesting articles ==

Surviving the Hounslow Classic: race tips from Ben Duffus
The Hounslow Classic is coming up in a month and Ben Duffus, the winner of last year's has put together four very important tips about how you can get the most out of your run in this stunning, yet brutal run in the Blue Mountains. Check out his tips here at Ultra168.

Grand Canyon Trail Running GoPro footage
his quality GoPro footage from a trip down the South Kaibab Trail and back up Bright Angel contains some classic Grand Canyon views - as well as the less glamorous parts of running there, like being so overheated you just want to lie down in a river. Watch the video here at Trail Runner Mag / YouTube.

How to beat 6 common excuses for not running
Competitor.com addresses six of the most commonly cited rationales for flaking and examine how you can get those workouts done: not a morning person; awful weather; stressed out; I suck, so why bother?; burned out; and running hurts. Check the article and solutions here.

Learning to run early in the morning
And also some further help for the "not a morning person" excuse in the above article, Coach Jenny Hadfield has some tips for dealing with morning running in this article at Runners World.

How Charlie Engle ran an ultramarathon in jail
Charlie Engle spent 16 months in a Federal prison in Beckley, West Virginia, and tells his story in this article at the NZ Herald about how he decided to run the equivalent of the famous Badwater ultra-marathon: all 217km [135 miles] of it within the prison walls.

== Recently added and updated events ==

Recent updates
To find out what's been recently updated, check the website homepage regularly. I include in this newsletter a list of the more important updates such as date changes, cancellations, or late additions to the calendar. And don't forget to check the calendar page for a complete list of upcoming events.

Date changes & corrections
- Colour Ya World in Forster is now on April 9th (originally January 22nd)
- Puffing Billy's Great Train Race in Belgrave, Victoria is on April 30th, not May 7th

- Coastal Challenge from Otford to Bundeena was postponed from September 3rd to October 15th
- Dye Hard Fun Run in Wagga Wagga was postponed from September 4th to November 20th

Late additions
- White Ribbon Fun Run in Darwin on September 11th (this Sunday)
- Samford Fun Run in Queensland also on September 11th
- Irish Run the World on September 24th in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne
- La Femme 5 in Adelaide on September 25th

== Until next week ==

That's all for this week, so have a great running week!


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