Weekly Newsletter October 18th 2016

The weekly newsletter returns after a 4 week break with three interesting articles and a number of cancellations/postponements, date changes/corrections and late additions to the running calendar.

I was on holiday in the USA with my family for just over three weeks, which is why there was a holiday for the weekly newsletter too! I'm back to normal working hours now, and have been slowly working my way through running event listings and making a bunch of updates.

There's still another day or two of updates needing to be done, and then I can get back onto development work on the website, which will finally mean there's a login system for you to be able to bookmark events you are thinking about running, get notifications of new events and so on. Watch this space!

== Interesting articles ==

The five step beginners guide to running
Erchana Murray offers up a beginners guide to running in this article at Sportette. The steps/tips are: wear a decent pair of shoes; build into it; pick a goal event; find a friend; and stretch after every run. Read the article for the full lowdown on each tip, and then use the running calendar to look for that goal event :)

13 reasons runners fail
James Kuegler writes "There are a number of reasons why runners do not to reach their goals, do not progress and ultimately fail. This occurs at all levels of ability. You can fail as a beginner trying to establish a good running routine. You can crash out as an elite athlete, pushing yourself to repeated injury or even retirement." Find out his 13 reasons runners fail here.

Dress for success: how to dress for trail running
Rhielle Widders offers tips for clothes to wear when out trail running in this article at iRunFar. Most of the tips are also good for road running too, and include (usually) avoiding cotton, layering up, dealing with hot or cold temperatures, humidity and wind. The comments on the page are useful too.

== Recently added and updated events ==

Recent updates
To find out what's been recently updated, check the website homepage regularly. I include in this newsletter a list of the more important updates such as date changes, cancellations, or late additions to the calendar. And don't forget to check the calendar page for a complete list of upcoming events.

Cancellations & postponements
- Kids Fun Run With Thomas in Gembrook, Victoria was postponed from October 9th to November 27th due to rain
- Grampians Challenge Adventure Race & Trail Run in Victoria was postponed from September 18th to November 27th due to severe floods
- King Valley Challenge at Lake William Hovell, Victoria was postponed from October 8th to 22nd due to minor flooding in the King Valley
- Twin Cities Walk at Lake Joondalup, WA has been postponed from November 6th to April 2nd
- Beach Bash in St Kilda, Victoria has been postponed from November 13th to March 19th
- Marawalk scheduled for November 14th in Templestowe, Victoria has been postponed until next year, with the new date still to be confirmed
- Rebound Race appears to have cancelled all upcoming events other than the Newcastle one on November 27th; all reference to earlier dates other than Tamworth have been removed from their website, Facebook and online entry systems
- Obstacool in Melbourne, Victoria has been changed from February 25th to March 25th

Date changes & corrections
- Corrected the date for the Black Hill Challenge in Athelstone, SA from October 29th to 30th
- Cherry Chase Fun Run in Young, NSW has changed from November 20th to March 19th

Late additions
- Relay For Life events in WA from October 22nd
- Two Feet and a Heartbeat events from October 23rd to November 6th
- Brooks Colour Run Fest in Melbourne on October 23rd (Sunday)
- Red Wig Run in Canberra on October 23rd (Sunday)
- Bridport 10+ Fun Run in Tasmania on October 23rd (Sunday)
- Great Strides in Semaphore, SA on October 30th & Strathalbyn, SA on November 6th

== Until next week ==

That's all for this week, so have a great running week!


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