Weekly Newsletter May 9th 2017

This week's newsletter has interesting articles, some info about the new Runaway Barossa Marathon, big changes coming for the website, interesting articles, date changes & late additions to the running calendar.

runaway barossa marathon

Runaway Barossa Marathon is Australia's newest weekend running escape with friends and family, offering brand new marathon and half marathon courses (as well as 10k and kids run) in a stunning location.

Experience the stunning vistas and celebrated vineyards, indulge yourself in the regions delicious food and wine, found everywhere from family-run bakeries to rustic wineries and the finest dining rooms.

Part of the new Runaway Marathon series, you can combine your favourite past time with your ultimate holiday destination! Don’t just chase your dreams…run them down at Runaway Barossa Marathon! Find out more at www.runawaybarossa.com

website updates

Back in November, I split the obstacle racing events off into a separate website and set up new websites for triathlon, swimming, cycling and multisport events. This, combined with a bunch of other layout changes I've made over time, has led to confusion about what you're looking at on the both the calendar and event listing pages and which site you should be looking at for an event (e.g. should a duathlon be on the bike website, running website or both?)

The various layout changes I've made over time have mostly been so I can add extra buttons for marking if you're going to an event (like on Facebook), but I realised a few weeks back that it was just going to make things even more confusing, so I discarded a bunch of work and have created a brand new layout with one event listing page per event. As an example, a recurring weekly event like parkrun currently has a single listing for all events through the year, but will now have one listing for each week. And it's really obvious how to a) flag an event you're going to and b) where to click through to the event website and enter.

The other websites (OCR, triathlon, swimming, biking & multisport) will also be folded back into the running website and you'll be able to do searches across multiple event types (e.g. running, mountain biking & duathlons) to find exactly what appeals to you in one single calendar listing.

I had wanted to have the login functions working with the new redesign, but it's going to take another few weeks to finish that side of things, so the new layout and combined website will be released as soon as possible. In practical terms, this means it'll happen once I've finished migrating the data from the old format the new (which is BIG job), but hopefully it'll be online before I send next week's newsletter.

interesting articles

Breaking2 marathon attempt
Nike's Breaking2 attempt was on Sunday, and saw Eliud Kipchoge run the world's fastest marathon in 2:00:25; this does not count as the marathon world record due to the somewhat contrived circumstances and the various conditions required to call it a world record, but it was still an amazing achievement and is the world's fastest. Ross Tucker analyses the marathon in this article at The Science of Sport.

Athletics Australia refuses to back moves likely to wipe pre-2005 world records
You may have heard about the IAAF's proposal to wipe all world records set before 2005; Athletics Australia says it would be an injustice for athletes to be stripped of their pre-2005 world records, saying it supported the notion of better doping control but not at the expense of clean athletes whose world marks deserved to stand the test of time. Find out more in this article at the Sydney Morning Herald.

4 tips for becoming a faster runner
Steve Tucker went from a middle of the pack runner to finishing first at the North Face Endurance Challenge in just a few short years. Tucker is 34 and a father of two, and this was his first ultra win, on a big stage against stiff competition. How did he do it? By self-belief, running more, building running economy, and adapting to stress. Find out more in this article at Trail Runner Magazine.

5 women's specific running vests reviewed
Trying to fit water bottles and gels into chest straps that weren't designed to fit over "the girls" can be difficult and awkward. Thankfully, women's-specific design has been expanded to running vests, with a handful of supportive, comfortable, curve-friendly options that don’t compromise on any key features. Check them out in this article at Trail Runner Magazine. I did a quick Google, and it looks like most of these are available in Australia. Try Sportitude, Wild Earth, Wildfire Sports & Cotswold Outdoor.

recently added and updated events

Recent updates
To find out what's been recently updated, check the recent updates page regularly. I include in this newsletter a list of the more important updates (see below) such as date changes, cancellations, or late additions to the calendar. And check out the website homepage for the full running calendar of upcoming events.

Date changes
- The Riverina Endurance Trail Running Series has confirmed dates as 28 May, 2 July & 30 July

Late additions
- Angela Taylor Memorial Run/Walk in Melbourne on May 14th (this Sunday)
- Get Into Health Fun Run in Claremont, WA on May 21st
- ABS Fun Run in Canberra on May 25th

Until next week

That's all for this week, so have a great running week!