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Weekly Newsletter 27 March 2018

This week's newsletter has information about our new event entry discount section, interesting articles, and a few date changes and cancellations.

website updates

We launched a discount section for premium members yesterday with discounts from 10% to 20% for a variety of running events in New Zealand & Australia. We've started initially with the following discounts in Australia (see the discount section for NZ discounts):

  • The Wild Horse Criterium - 10%
  • Mount Buller Skyrun - 10%
  • Convicts and Wenches Trail Run - 15%
  • Wilsons Prom 100 - 10%
  • Darby River Half Marathon - 10%
  • Wildhorse at Night - 10%
  • Gold Coast 100 Run Festival - 15%
  • Brisbane Valley 100 - 10%
  • Surf Coast Trail Marathon - 15%
  • Brisbane Marathon Festival - 10% (and if you create or join a team it's 20%)
  • Sunshine Coast Marathon - 10%
  • Nerang 200 Miler - 15%

You do have to be a premium member to get the discount codes, which are for your use only and not to be shared. Premium membership is $35 per year, and easily pays for itself after 2 or 3 discounted event entries. It also opens up additional functions on the website which help save you time looking for events, and enters you into a monthly prize draw.

The next monthly prize draw is on April 1st (this Sunday - so join up quick to be in to win!) and is for a 12 month subscription to Run 4 Your Life Magazine.

The May 1st prize draw is for a My Fit Box for one of our New Zealand premium members, and a Running Fit Box for one of our Australian members.

Find our more about membership here, sign up today, and get those discounts!

Interesting articles

The 80/20 rule of running
Two of the most important variables in training are volume (distance) and intensity (hard or fast), and are combined into training programmes for years into low volume/low intenstity, high volume/low intensity, low volume/high intensity and high volume/high intensity. Physiotherapy Brad Beer looks at the "80/20 Running: Run Stronger and Race Faster by Training Slower" study and how you should do 80% of your training at low intensity. Read the article here at the Gold Coast Marathon blog.

How China has become an endurance-running superpower
According to China Daily, nearly one million people run in Beijing's Olympic Forest Park each day. From just a handful of marathons a few years ago, the country hosted more than 500 last year and is becoming a major destination for ultra running. Find out about this phenomenal growth in this article at The Guardian.

Tips on battling depression from an ultra runner who exercises to avoid the next attack
After suffering her first serious case of depression at 22, Nikki Kimball found that distance running was not just something she was good at - she needed it to survive. Now she teaches others how to combat depression though exercise. Find out more in this article at Health & Wellness.

Marathon pacing: new research investigates the challenges of good pacing
Marathon pacing is notoriously difficult. There are so many factors that affect our ability to pace over 42.2km, especially if we are trying to run the distance as fast as we can. Even the top elites regularly get it wrong! The Flying Runner has two articles to explore and learn from some new research findings: part 1 & part 2.

Recently added and updated events

Recent updates
To find out what's been recently updated, check the recent updates page regularly. I include in this newsletter a list of the more important updates (see below) such as date changes, cancellations, or late additions to the calendar. And check out the full calendar of upcoming events.

Date changes
- The Color Run in Melbourne has changed from 22 April to 25 November
- JD Memorial Marathon has changed from 17 June to 15 July
- Goolwa Huff n Puff has changed from 30 September to 21 October
- Beerwah at Daybreak has changed from 8 to 9 December

- The SIDS Stampede, scheduled for 26 August, has been cancelled

Until next week

That's all for this week; have a great running week!