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Weekly Newsletter 11 September 2018

This week's newsletter has some information about the new map search function, interesting articles, a date correction for the Busselton Half Marathon & Fun Run and date change for the Cooly Classic Ocean Swim.

Interesting articles

I added a new function to the website yesterday for premium members which lets you see your search results on a map, as shown in the screenshot above. There's a "Show Map" button at the top of the page; click that and then you'll see the events group together. Click the circles or zoom in and you'll see the individual event location pins. Click those to see the event name and date and then click through for the event listing.

This joins the other functions (such as location based searching in the search box and being emailed when new events match your saved searches) for premium members. Find out more about the levels of membership here and sign up today!

I'll be creating some videos/screencasts of the various functions later this week, and will link to them in next week's newsletter.

Interesting articles

Saudi women are running - and they’re not going to stop
Saudi Arabia effectively banned women's sports for decades. Exercising in public has long been a cultural taboo. But Kingdom-wide, groups of robed runners have taken to the paths and streets, proving that change is coming. Find out more in this article at Runners World.

10 things I've learned from marathon training
Online running coach "Run Your Best Coaching" shares 10 things he's learned from marathon training in this blog post, including training to your current fitness, not your goals, don't copy others, and don't try to make up for lost time.

6 nutrition tips for running teens
Registered dietician Maria Dalzot shares some tips for meeting a running teen's nutritional needs in this article at Trail Runner Magazine. As a father to a teenager myself, these are pretty good tips even if your teen is not a runner!

Cross training for runners
Implementing a smart cross-training routine provides the opportunity to create an all around fit and healthy body, and there's no reason why it can't be fun! Check out this article at iRunFar for more information about why cross training can be good and some ideas about what to do.

Recently added and updated events

Recent updates
To find out what's been recently updated, check the recent updates page regularly. I include in this newsletter a list of the more important updates (see below) such as date changes, cancellations, or late additions to the calendar. And check out the full calendar of upcoming events.

Date changes/corrections
- Busselton Half Marathon & Fun Run is on February 9th, not the 11th as originally listed a week ago
- Cooly Classic Ocean Swim has changed from 14 to 28 April

Until next week

Have a great running week!