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Weekly Newsletter 16 October 2018

This week's newsletter has a discount offer for The 5K Foam Fest, interesting articles, and several cancellations (including Miss Muddy), postponements and date changes/corrections.

5K Foam Fest

The 5K Foam Fest is coming to Australia, with six events coming up in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide between December and February. This one of kind obstacle course based fun run has a variety of obstacles and a ton of foam the run is an exciting challenge for experienced and beginner runners alike!

Premium members are entitled to a 10% discount when buying single entry tickets. Find out more about The 5K Foam Fest, our current discounts, and our membership information.

Interesting articles

70 year old Jeannie Rice's 3:27:50 marathon sets an age-group world record
Fans who were paying attention to the recent Chicago Marathon were probably impressed by Mo Farah's 2:05:11 and Brigid Kosgei's 2:18:35, making her the seventh-fastest marathoner of all time. But 70 year old Jeannie Rice set an age-group world record. Find out more in this article at Runners World.

Why Ethiopia's running success is about more than poverty and altitude
Michael Crawley looks at the emphasis on hard work, planning and creativity of Ethiopian runners in this article at The Guardian's Running Blog.

Is your training unproductive?
This article at Trail Runner Magazine looks at how to assess your running readiness before piling on the miles. Running Readiness is the degree to which your body is able to assimilate the stress of training.

Racing heart: how running affects the heart
Dr Tracy Beth Høeg writes about the acute effects of racing on the heart and the long-term effects of running (or regular cardiovascular exercise) on the heart and on our health in this article at iRunFar.

Recently added and updated events

Recent updates
To find out what's been recently updated, check the recent updates page regularly. I include in this newsletter a list of the more important updates (see below) such as date changes, cancellations, or late additions to the calendar. And check out the full calendar of upcoming events.

- The company managing Miss Muddy has gone into liquidation and all future Miss Muddy events have been cancelled; this also affects Obstacool events at the same locations which are now also cancelled. The event website and Facebook page have been taken done. It turns out that Zaidee's Rainbow Powder Stomp in Bellarine (October 6) was also cancelled, and Zaidee's Pub to Pub Challenge on 27 October has been cancelled
- Billabong Ranch Brumby Run scheduled for 3 November has been cancelled due to drought conditions meaning there's not enough water to make mud
- Run for Freedom scheduled for 10 November in Melbourne has been cancelled

- Paws on the Path in Edmonton, Queensland was originally scheduled for 21 October but postponed due to low entries; the new date has been set as 10 March

Date changes/corrections
- ZACH MACH Mackay Adventure Challenge has changed from 11 to 18 May
- Scenic Rim Trail Running Series 2019: Race 5 has changed from 11 to 17 August to avoid clashing with another event
- Beach to Brother has changed from 29 September to 6 October due to tides

Until next week

Have a great running week!