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Weekly Newsletter 4 December 2018

This week's newsletter has information about the 2019 Great Vic Bike Ride, interesting articles, latest discounts for premium members, the new date for the postponed Greater Springfield Run For Life, and date changes/corrections for Gateway 2 Garden Fun Run and the Pemby Trail Fest.

Great Vic Bike Ride

The greatest Great Vic ever is coming! With 10 days and more than 650 kilometres of riding, it’s going to be the longest Great Vic Bike Ride ever, as well as one of the most fun. Riders will pedal through some first-rate highlights along the Limestone Coast, the Great Ocean Road and through the Great Otway National Park. Choose from the 5 day and 10 day ride options and grab a pre-sale entry before Monday 24 December to get the 2019 Great Vic event jersey. Find out more here.

Interesting articles

Will we see Coast 2 Kosci again?
In last week's weekend wrap, Dan at Ultra168 looked at the cancellation of the Coast 2 Kosci, why it got cancelled and what might happen if it's not run again. Read the blog post here.

Lucy Bartholomew: the key to being a successful long distance runner
Lucy Bartholomew won the coveted One to Watch award at the recent Women in Sport awards. Lucy E. Cousins interviews her in this article at Womens Health. And if you want a great podcast to listen to when you're out for a run, check out NZ's Dirt Church Radio interview with her here.

Knee pain? It could all be in the hips
Painful knees while running is a common complaint, but it could be the hips which are causing this problem, explains Matthew Hicks, physiotherapist at RunWest Injury Management specialists. Matthew offers some exercise tips to strengthen glutes and improve hip control in this article at the RunWest blog.

Hal Higdon's tips of the day
This one isn't an article as such, but coach & author Hal Higdon's Facebook page; as well as frequently linking to useful articles, Hal posts a tip of the day each day. Check out his page here.

event discounts

Premium members get access to discounts for a range of events in Australia & New Zealand. Enter enough discounted events and your membership pays for itself, as well as opening up a range of useful functions on the website!

Two of our most recently added discounts are 20% off Brisbane's Great South Run on 7 April and 15% off the Convicts and Wenches Trail Run on 28 April; check out the full list of discounts here.

Find out more about membership here and sign up today!

Recently added and updated events

Recent updates
To find out what's been recently updated, check the recent updates page regularly. I include in this newsletter a list of the more important updates (see below) such as date changes, cancellations, or late additions to the calendar. And check out the full calendar of upcoming events.

- Greater Springfield Run For Life, which was postponed due to course flooding, has been re-scheduled for 13 January 2019

Date changes/corrections
- Gateway 2 Garden Fun Run in Oberon, NSW: corrected event date from 8 March to 24 March 2019
- Pemby Trail Fest has moved from 10-12 May to 11-13 October

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