Melbourne's Best Runs: Solar System Trail
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Melbourne's Best Runs: Solar System Trail

Melbourne's Solar System Trail on the Bay Trail is a great place to go for a run: it's right by the sea and has an interesting way of measuring out your run, which can be good for an out-and-back, or for interval training.

Starting with The Sun near to St Kilda Lighthouse, the Solar System Trail is a scale model of our Solar System, using a one to one billion scale. The full trail is 5.9km from The Sun in St Kilda to Pluto in Port Melbourne, which equates to the actual 5.9 billion kilometres.

Decide which planet you want to run to (and back):

  • Mercury is 60 metres away from The Sun
  • Venus 108m
  • Earth 150m
  • Mars 227m
  • Jupiter 778m
  • Saturn 1.4km
  • Uranus 2.9km
  • Neptune 4.5km
  • Pluto 5.9km

As a bonus bit of fun, our closest neighbouring star is Proxima Centauri. It's 4.24 light years away, which equates to 40,140km using the one to one billion scale. The circumference of the Earth from Melbourne to Melbourne is close to this, so the Proxima Centauri model is just before the start of the Solar System Trail, on the opposite side of Mercury.

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